Sex for jobs at Egenco


Managers at Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) have been allegedly engaging in sexual relationships with their juniors and demanding sexual favours in exchange for jobs.

This is according to terms of reference for forensic audit and investigation prepared in August 2022 by the board of the company. The board had received allegations through whistle-blowing of manifestations of inappropriate dealings bordering on perceived fraud, corruption, unethical behavior and general misconduct by employees.

Allegations included claims that a director at the company was involved in sexual affair with another executive which was affecting the operations of the company.

It was also alleged that the female manager had been using the affair to threaten fellow female employees “leading to their inability to progress in the company”.

She was also allegedly using her influence to get jobs for her friends and relatives some of whom do not have required qualifications and even failed in interviews. The manager also allegedly punished employees whom she considered her enemies and sent spies to workers’ union meetings.

Further allegations indicated that a male officer got sexual favours from a job applicant who was later employed by Egenco to work at its Kapichira Power Station despite not being successful in interviews.

The audit was also expected to cover areas such as procurement of services, goods and works, rent seeking practices, embezzlement, conflict of interest, asset misappropriation, financial fraud negligence on compliance with standards of operations, and general lack of compliance with policy and procedures statements.

According to the board, it received allegations that there was negligence in the maintenance of Kapichira Dam spill way gates, which led to the extensive damage during Cyclone Ana last year.

“[It was also alleged that Egenco procured] maintenance materials which are not relevant and are now piled up in the warehouse, because management wanted to give business to their friends,” reads part of the document authored in 2022.

A few weeks ago, Egenco board sent Egenco chief executive officer William Liabunya and director of corporate services and company secretary Videlia Mluwira on forced leave.

According to the board, this was to pave the way for a forensic audit to probe on how Egenco responded after Cyclones Ana and Gombe damaged infrastructure at Kapichira Power Station in early 2022. The damage led to persistent and prolonged power blackouts which were fixed in April this year.