New Malawi Finance Minister Chithyola lacks experience – analyst

Malawi Economy

A political and social commentator has questioned the appointment of Simplex Chithyola Banda as Minister of Finance saying he lacks experience related to the role.

This comes as on Saturday, President Lazarus Chakwera appointed Simplex Chithyola Banda as the new Minister of Finance replacing Sosten Gwengwe who has been appointed Minister of Trade and Industry.

Reacting to the two appointments, analyst Wonderful Mkhutche said he is surprised with president Chakwera’s decision to make the swap.

Mkhutche told Malawi24 that Chithyola lacks experience in the position he has been appointed to which he said may affect his service delivery.

“Surprising appointment looking at the professional track record of Hon. Chithyola who lacks experience in the rope he has been appointed in. But let us trust the President that he knows better and all we can hope for is for Hon. Chithyola to go beyond expectations and doubts.

“To be honest, I am not sure (if he will successfully deliver). But he will be working with people who are well versed in the financial matters in his ministry. If he will be ready to tap into that, he will definitely deliver,” reacted Mkhutche.

Mkhutche has since advised Chithyola to be courageous and work with people who have good knowledge and experience in finance matters at his ministry.

“Hon. Chithyola must recognise the enormous responsibility entrusted to him. He must work hard to diagnose our challenges and make sure every effort is working towards delivering. He should not be afraid of anything as he has people around him who can help him succeed,” he added.

Meanwhile, Willy Kambwandira who is Executive Director for Centre for Social Accountability and Transparency (CSAT), has told the local media that the appointment of Chithyola is a missed opportunity for the country.

While indicating that Chithyola lacks international exposure, Kambwandira casts doubt if Chithyola’s will successfully deliver arguing the position deserves an experienced economist.

However, Chithyola Banda has also told the local media that he is confident that he will deliver and revive the economic status of the country but he has asked Malawians to take their responsibilities.

He has also pleaded with Malawians to give him time to manage what he calls quick fixes for the economy to rebound.