Education Ministry plans to construct 10,900 classrooms


Ministry of Education says it plans to build 10,900 classrooms in the country starting in the areas that were greatly affected by Cyclone Freddy.

Cyclone Freddy which hit Malawi in March this year affected 550 primary schools, 74 secondary schools, 3 colleges and 6 universities.

Secretary for the Ministry Chikondano Mussa, while giving an overview of the impact of Cyclone Freddy on education sector what the ministry has done to overcome these problems, said the Ministry plans to construct 10,900 classrooms.

Mussa said the ministry wants that when students start school in September this year for a new school term, there should be a good learning environment.

The cyclone damaged infrastructure in many school which already had inadequate classrooms. Schools in the southern region were also used as camps for survivors of Cyclone Freddy.

According to Mussa, the cyclone led to 62 deaths students of which 29 were females and two female teachers died.

The cyclone hit the southern region of Malawi where its impact killed over 600 people and displaced over 600,000 people.

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