Cyclone Freddy: Cuba sends condolences to Malawi


Following the devastating effects that Cyclone Freddy has left on Malawian, Cuba has expressed solidarity with the people of Malawi.

In a Twitter post, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez says he feels greatly for Malawians after the devastation caused by the Cyclone Freddy, resulting in the loss of many precious lives and properties.

“Our solidarity and heartfelt condolences to the peoples and governments of Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar for the unfortunate loss of life, victims and property damage caused by the devastating cyclone Freddy. Sincere condolences to the families and relatives of the victims,” says.

Cyclone Freddy has resulted to the loss of life of 438 people in Malawi and has displaced over 300,000 people. Many are still missing after being trapped in mud.

Efforts are currently underway to rescue those still trapped and provide assistance to those who are living in camps that have been set up in the country.

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