FAM unbundles member associations’ grant packages


The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) on Monday unbundled the special sponsorship grants to the Super League and three Regional Associations which will target the professionalization of the four bodies and enhancing their competitions.

At its third meeting of 2022 last December the FAM Executive Committee approved the allocation of special Sponsorship grants of K100 million to the Super League and K25 million each of the three Regional Associations.

The FAM Execo. appointed a special task force led by Vice President Justice Jabbar Alide to come up with guidelines on how these funds should be distributed and accessed.

Speaking  at Press Conference on Monday when he presented the Task Force Blue Print on FAM Financial Support and Grants Alide said that 80 percent of the Super League grant should go towards Clubs Financial Assistance with the remain 20 percent eye-marked for Super League of Malawi professionalisation and  League operations.

Sulom will get K20 million for professionalisation of the League by among other things setting up a secretariat and employing a CEO and finance personnel.

For Regional Associations, the K25 million package will be broken down into four expenditure lines with the Association getting K10 million for professionalisation where just like the Super League they are supposed to set up secretariats.

Regional Premier Division League Champions will be getting K5 million starter pack as they prepare for new life in the Super League. The remaining 10 million will be split equally between the Regional Leagues operations and purchase of football equipment.

The Task Force also highlighted the financial support that FAM will continue to give to all Member Associations in form of annual subventions at K10 million each and technical development programs.

Source: FAM

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