Human Rights Defenders vow to continue fighting for women


Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) have made a vow to continue standing up and fighting for women rights in Malawi.

Speaking recently at a solidarity march in Lilongwe, Women Activist, Esther Bonyonga said though they face a number of challenges and risks in the course of their work, they cannot be intimidated to stop fighting.

Bonyonga also thanked women who defend human rights, and all people who defend the rights of women and girls across the global.

“Let me also take this opportunity to thank those women on the ground fighting for rights of women and girls, it is not easy but they are making progress each passing day,” she said.

Oxfam’s Gender Justice Program Manager for Southern Africa Diniwe Grace Phiri said they exist to advance the rights of Women human rights defenders who sometime face persecution in their line of duty.

Phiri said Oxfam will continue giving them support saying they hold government accountable and that they take issues affecting women from the grassroot community to the national level.

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