Man commits suicide after girlfriend left him for another man


A 25-year-old man in Mangochi has committed suicide by hanging himself using a rope in his bedroom after his girlfriend left him for another man who is in South Africa.

Mangochi Police Station Publicist Amina Tepani Daudi identified as Bashir Makunganya from Michesi Village in the area of Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi.

Daudi said the incident happened on Wednesday at Michesi Village, Traditional Authority Mponda in the district.

She added that according to the police findings, Makunganya was on 3-year old courtship with his girlfriend and the two promised to marry each other.

“Last week, the love birds quarrelled after another man who is in South Africa posted the so called girlfriend on Facebook with a love captioned message which prompted him to confront the guy only to be slapped with bitter news that the man was processing for travelling arrangements in order to stay with her in RSA.”, She explained

The Publicist went on to say that on Monday Makunganya confronted his girlfriend’s parents about the issue, the parents said they opted to marry off their daughter to the man in RSA.

Makunganya was found dead by her mother who reported the issue to Koche Police Unit. 

“Police visited the scene where they found a 4 paged suicide note in which he illustrated that he tried his best to stay stronger but would not bear seeing his girlfriend in the hands of another man hence terminated his own life,” she explained

Postmortem conducted at Koche Health Centre indicated that he had succumbed to strangulation.

Police are therefore appealing to the public to refrain from taking their own lives whenever they face challenges in life and seek counselling or share issues to colleagues.

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