Concerned Citizens give Parliament,  Police 7-day ultimatum


Members of Concerned Citizens of Malawi on Wednesday held demonstrations in Lilongwe demanding Inspector General of Police to arrest all suspects connected to the death of a Rwandan businessman Emmilie Halimana. 

According to lead organizer Wells Khama,  police officers have failed to arrest the suspects despite having information about them.

Speaking after presentation of a petition at Parliament where they demanded the Defence and Security Committee to summon Inspector General of Police, Khama gave 7-day ultimatum for the arrest of the suspects saying they will hold vigils at Parliament Building if their demands will not be fulfilled.

“Since police have failed to arrest the suspects on their own,  we have asked Parliament to summon Inspector General to explain why they are failing to make the arrests,”  said Khama.

He added that there is a certain group of police officers who compromise security issues in the country by receiving money from perpetrators so that they should not take any action against them.

He further threatened to arrest the suspects on their own and surrender them to any police station.

Speaking after receiving the petition on behalf of National Assembly,  Hon.  Bester Awali,  vice chairperson for Defence and Security Committee of Parliament,  assured the protesters that he will deliver the petition to the Speaker of National Assembly for action the same day.

He also commended demonstrators for maintaining peace in the course of their protests.

The demonstrations started from Kamuzu Central Hospital roundabout and proceeded to Parliament.