Swedi sued


Businessperson Ibrahim Sued has been sued for defamation over his Facebook post in which he claimed a woman he had a relationship with was also in relationships with other men.

Charles Khombeni, a man mentioned in the Facebook post, has dragged Swedi to court.

On the morning of 29 November, 2022, Swedi posted results of a DNA test which he said indicated that he was not the father of a child who was said to be his.

According to Swedi, he was in a relationship with a woman but the relationship ended. A year later, he had sexual encounter with the same woman and days later she told him she was pregnant.

Swedi said he decided to do a DNA test because he had heard that the woman also had various sexual relationships with other men, including Khombeni.

In a statement in court signed by lawyer Geoffrey Taumbe, Khombeni has said that he is a married person and Swedi’s words have been understood to mean that he (Khombeni) is a promiscuous person and an adulterer.

Khombeni has complained that he has been gravely injured in his reputation because of Swedi’s claims which he argues were published out of spite.

“The Defendant published the said words on their social media page thereby to seek  fame and a large following.

“The said post has gone viral on all social media platforms in Malawi to the extent that then claimant is a subject of ridicule at his workplace and in and around Lilongwe,” reads part of the statement.

Khombeni through his lawyer is demanding an order compelling Swedi to remove the Facebook posts and issue an apology in newspapers.

He is also seeking damages, aggravated damages, exemplary damages and costs of the legal action.

Meanwhile, Swedi’s post is still up on his Facebook page which has 16,000 followers