Chakwera challenges ministries, departments to deliver


President Lazarus Chakwera says he is monitoring scandals that have rocked several ministries and government departments and he has vowed to only work with individuals who will deliver because time for excuses is over.

President Chakwera was speaking this on Thursday 3rd November when he graced the official opening of the Henry Henderson School of Excellence which is run by the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Blantyre Synod.

The state president while congratulating the synod for a magnificent project, said among other things that slow down progress in this country is the habit of leaving development projects in the hands of people who give endless excuses for their failure to produce quality and timely results.

He, however, said the new facility is proof that there are people in this country who know how to deliver and he will work with such individuals, claiming time for individuals who gives lame excuses is over.

“This facility was completed within 12 months, at the height of COVID-19 Pandemic, using local labour, yet without compromising on quality and without any sign of money being siphoned. But the time for excuses has passed. Those who do not deliver must get out of the way and make room for those who do, because rebuilding Malawi is a matter of urgency, and we need doers and fixers, not complainers,” said Chakwera.

He further mentioned that he is monitoring all the issues that have rocked ministries and sectors including the fertilizer saga and also the closing of the University of Malawi and blackouts for which he has since reminded EGENCO of its promise to end the blackouts by December this year.

Chakwera added that his administration’s focus in the next 17 months, is that whether in Government or the private sector, there must be more delivery. He added that no Ministry exists to pamper individuals or line the pockets of public servants.

“The people at EGENCO told me they can restore that power plant and end blackouts by Christmas, and now they have six weeks to deliver on that promise. I am also monitoring closely the officials who are attending to the fertilizer mess under the Ministry of Agriculture, the University of Malawi mess under the Ministry of Education, the fuel shortage mess under the Ministry of Energy, the forex shortage mess under the Ministry of Finance.

“So, as we go into the year 2023, my Administration will entertain no distractions, no excuses, no political games, and no meetings created for people who just want to hear themselves talk and show off their education and expertise in saying everything and accomplishing nothing,” he added.

He continued to say developmental partners like Shiftung of Germany, who provided the funds for HHS project, are interested in putting resources only in the hands of people who deliver quality and timely results.

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