Zambia orders Namadingo to stop misleading the public


Zambia based musician Patience Namadingo has been ordered to stop misleading the public with the use of the title “Dr” against his name.

Namadingo was given an honorary doctorate by the University of South Africa in 2020 and since then he has been using the “Dr” title. He also changed the name of his Facebook Page to “Dr Namadingo”.

However, the Zambia Qualifications Authority advises people whose doctorate degrees are honorary to stop using “Dr” against their names since such conduct misleads the public.

“The recipient of an honorary qualification may use it on the curriculum vitae but list it under awards and honours and not under the section for qualifications. Whenever the title ‘Dr’ is used in the case of an honorary doctorate, the abbreviations “h.c.” (honoris causa) should be used or the recipient should state “Honorary Degree” in full against his or her name. The Authority therefore wishes to advise the recipients of honorary degrees or doctorates as commonly referred, to use “h.c” or “Honorary Degree” to avoid misleading the general public and to preserve the integrity of earned degrees,” says a statement on the authority’s website.

Malawian musician Namadingo receives honorary degree



  1. Just so you know, zambia loves and appreciates Namandingo, if you don’t, well that’s your problem, don’t drug zambia into your personal hatred and envy for Dr. Namandingo (honorary doctorate ofcourse).

  2. This is false Malawi. In Zambai we love Dr Namadingo. One of the most streamed artists with Yo maps. The National Qualifications authority is the one that issued that statement to the general public not to Dr Namadingo. That’s just and Artistic Name.

  3. Dr Namadingo is an artists. And no one in Zambia told him that. You are referring to a statement issued by Qualifivations agency on their stance on the appropriate use of honorary prefixes. That was a general notice to everyone who uses honorary prefixes professionally. They were not stop but to clearly state that their prefixes are honorary and not qualification based. This is sad to be coming from a malawian publisher. In Zambia, Namadingo is one of the most loved and streamed with and after Yo maps. We love his art and personality. And hes welcome to live in Zambia. Actually, hes Zambian. Zambia is for every well meaning personality.

  4. You are lying, wenye, boza the directive wasn’t for Namadingo it was to politicians who abuse the title. Our Zambian authorities don’t even know Namadingo

  5. Page yanuyi muzilemba nkhani zolongosoka infact don’t be jealousy, ku zambia sanatchulepo dzina la Namadingo. Ndipo ndinu abodza kwambiri, they have said all people who got the honorary degree should stop usising it without putting h.c, nde inuyo busy kumatchula namadingo, do you mean akananena izi nanadingo asanapitenko mukanatchula ndani? Nafe timamvera nkhani za mmaiko ena musatinamize. Be professional when writing news and stop attacking your fellow malawian because of jealousy, do you know that he can sue you because of this? Will you provide umboni mu court oti amakamba za iye?

    People follow your page but don’t do thi please

  6. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma you can proudly call that withch as doctor so and so

  7. Its not jus’ a word, that title take sleepless nights, based on merit of academic qualifications…

  8. Kodi apapa anena kuti namandingo asiye kapena it’s general mwina ine chingelezi chandipita kumanzere🤷

  9. Where did our former president of Zambia got his title?Dr Kenneth Kaunda

  10. This is poor reporting, you have reported as if the directive was purportedly channeled at Namadingo yet its a general one applicable to every Zambian citizenry. You are missleading people why?

  11. Whatever the case mwanayi amadziwa kuyimba. Full stop.

  12. Is the Zambian Qualification Board addressing the Public or Namadingo? Let us not confuse things Atolankhani

  13. Don’t drag Zambia in your issues, no one has issued such a statement. We appreciate the works that Namadingo has done in Zambia.

    Learn to embrace your own before other do that for you. He is a good Zambian.

  14. Hmmmmmmmmm amwene, you are just being Petty, That statement was not directed at him.

  15. Amuchita bwino. Degree yanji yopanda Tuition Fee koma fweefweefwee ngati analembako ma assignment

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