Ministry of Education address claims that student with straight As was not selected


The Ministry of Education has addressed claims on social media that a female candidate with As in all subjects in the PSLCE exams has not been selected to secondary school.

It was alleged on social media that a girl called Faith at Chinkhuti Primary School in Lilongwe has scored As in all subjects but was not selected to any secondary school.

However, the Ministry of Education has said in a statement that the Ministry’s official database cannot trace the alleged results widely circulating on social media as belonging to Faith.

According to the Ministry, Faith is a bonafide candidate in the 2022 PSLCE examinations that have just been released but went to school at Mitundu Primary in Lilongwe Rural East.

“The results alleged to belong to Faith, in fact belong to a different candidate who attended school at Chinkhuti Primary in Lilongwe City Education District (Code 14) at Centre Number 008 while Faith was in Lilongwe Rural East Education District (Code 15). Furthermore, the Centre Number for Mitundu Primary School which Faith attended is 50 and not 008.

“The general public might wish to note that the Ministry has informed the Headteacher of Mitundu Primary School to contact Faith’s parents to access authentic results for their daughter,” the ministry said in its statement.

The Ministry has since called upon the general public to desist from discussing candidates’ results as this negatively affects candidates, subjecting them to stigma, emotional shock and mental distress.

The Ministry has also reminded all Headteachers that national examination results are private to the candidates and their parents hence it is not allowed to release them to the general public or any other stakeholders without the consent of the learners and their parents.

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