Malawian musician Namadingo receives honorary degree


The University of South Africa (UNISA) has given musician Patience Namadingo an honorary Doctorate Degree for his humanitarian efforts in Malawi.

Namadingo was conferred with an honorary Doctorate Degree on Saturday morning during UNISA’s graduation ceremony at its Main Campus in Pretoria in the ZK Mathews Great Hall.

According to a statement posted on Namadingo’s Facebook page, UNISA has highlighted the musician’s positive social impact and philanthropic work that has inspired others across Africa.

In his reaction, Namadingo said the world is taking notice of his efforts to uplift others.

“The principle at work in this doctorate is one of giving to others and life giving back to you. The currency is love, and with it we have earned ourselves a doctorate degree,” said Namadingo.

He, however, blasted some people for undermining his achievement because of the way it has been earned, saying there’s more than one way to earn a doctorate.

“It is rather unfortunate and counterproductive that some people choose to despise those whom life honours in ways that they do not agree with. They forget that life is dynamic. We thank God that such people are not Him. We thank God that life is governed by principles and not opinions, no matter how popular those opinions may be,” he said

Over the past months, Namadingo has been carrying out charity works to assist people in various areas across the country. The musician recently raised funds for a cancer patient to access medical services outside Malawi.