Zomba Malosa MP cheers 361 inmates at Domasi Prison


Member of Parliament for Zomba Malosa, Grace Kwelepeta, cheered and provided lunch, body lotion and tablets of soap to 361 inmates at Domasi Prison..

Speaking to the inmates, Kwelepeta said she visited them and provided lunch to testify that the society thinks of their existence and welfare in the confinement.

“Feeding inmates should not be regarded as government’s responsibility only,” she said, adding that  feeding inmates should also be the responsibility of every person.

“l came to cheer you, knowing that you’re part of my constituents,” the parliamentarians said after providing nsima with beef for all the 361 inmates.

She added: “l know that  shortage of food and other basics, are some of the challenges you face here.”

Kwelepta (R) during the visit

She therefore appealed to individuals and organisations of goodwill to also  assist Domasi Prison with technical tools and instructions to ensure that the inmates access skills such bricklaying.

The parliamentarian observed that this was a better way of reforming the inmates into  productive citizens in their respective societies where they should be of high value once they’re released from prison.

Kwelepeta also encouraged prisoners that are pursuing  secondary education to be dedicated in their studies so that they should pass examinations with good grades.

” I will try to approach people of good will to assist you with various things ,” she said.

Domasi Prison, Officer ln Charge , Assistant Commissioners, Susan  Mande thanked the Member of Parliament for providing lunch, body lotion and tablets of soap saying the provisions came at the right time as the inmates lack such basic needs.

Mande also appealed to Organisations and individuals to assist Domasi Prison with basic needs as Kwelepeta did.

On her tour to Domasi Prison, Kwelepeta was accompanied by the wife of Senior Chief Malemia and wives of group village heads under Chief Malemia.


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