UDF urges former members to rejoin party


United Democratic Front (UDF) Vice President for the Eastern Region, Hasheem Banda, has called on those that left the UDF to rejoin the party and prepare for its return to power in 2025.

Banda who has just been appointed to the position of Vice President in UDF said the party has a  higher chance of going back to power if it addresses all the shortfalls the party has. He added that the  door is open for those that wishes to rejoin the party.

Banda therefore thanked the UDF for being confident in him to lead the party in the Eastern Region saying he will organize a tour to strengthen  UDF ahead of the 2025 general elections

“My duty  is to rebuild the party  from the grassroot in all the district in the eastern region because it is illogical for a party that ruled the country to have 11 MPs in parliament” Banda added.

He also commended the UDF interim president  Lilian Patel for providing good leadership in the party.

He further commended people at Shire Ward in Balaka  for electing a UDF Ward councilor in the recently held  local government elections.

“We want the UDF to be a national party other than be a regional party,” Banda added.

On the current hydropower  blackouts, he  appealed to government to look into the issue saying the power blackouts are a setback to Malawi economy which is not on good track.

Banda also accused government for practising nepotism  saying this is not what people voted the Tonse Alliance led government for

UDF was the first party to rule Malawi in the multiparty democratic era in 1994 when it had 90  parliamentarians out of 193. In the 2019 elections, the party got 11 parliamentary seats.

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