Kizz Daniel confirms Malawi show


Nigerian musician Kizz Daniel has again confirmed that he is coming to Malawi to perform at Lilongwe Golf Club.

Kizz Daniel made the fresh confirmation yesterday through a short video which he posted on his social media pages.

“Hello Malawi this is Kizz Daniel AKA Vado, I would like to confirm that on the 27th August I will be preforming live in Malawi at Lilongwe Golf Club make sure you come through and experience the best performance by your favourite artist. It’s gonna be a big and a massive concert and I promise you won’t be regret, buy your tickets and see you soon I love you,” said Kizz Daniel in the Video posted on his page.

The confirmation comes days after the musician’s show was cancelled in Tanzania about a week ago.

Kizz Daniel was arrested on Monday last week in Tanzania before being released hours later due to the botched show after promoter Steven Uwa claimed that the musician refused to perform because he didn’t have a gold chain.

Later, in an interview with Ifedayo Olarinde, aka Daddy Freeze, alongside Kizz Daniel’s brother, Tolu, the promoter revealed that there were uncontrolled pressing technical issues that hindered Nigerian singer from performing at the show.

During the interview session, Daddy Freeze asked Steven why he made the gold chain claim and Steven stated that emotions were high that night and he lied because he wanted to protect his reputation and his company.

Steven also admitted that the singer tried to solve the situation and also meet with fans to apologise, and postpone the show after arriving for the event 1 hour to his performance, which was due to an 8-hour flight delay in Kenya.

Tolu revealed that the contract for the show allowed for it to be postponed if there were hiccups.

“Kizz Daniel also offered to pay for a hall and for other things to ensure that the show was successful if postponed, which the show promoters agreed to, but absconded after things took a negative turn,” said Tulo.

Steven admitted that all these happened, but said they were only trying not to have issues with authorities because they are new in business in the country and are foreigners and didn’t know how to tell the fans at the concert  that the show has been postponed.

On Friday, Kizz Daniel did a free show in Tanzania to make it up for his fans, and the fans did turn out in large numbers and it was one of the best shows done in Tanzania.