We did not sacrifice Martse: Bushiri’s brother-in-law promises to clear his name


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s brother-in-law, Duncan Gwamba Zgambo has trashed allegations connecting him and his family of having a hand in the mysterious death of fellow musician, Martin Martse Nkhata.

Allegations have been making rounds on social media that Martse’s death was orchestrated as a sacrifice.

Writing on his Facebook page, Gwamba, whose sister, Prophetess Mary Bushiri and brother in law Prophet Shepherd Bushiri face alleged money laundering and fraud charges in South Africa, said he is a hard working person.

“I work very hard… I have worked for 13 years to become the brand that I am today, and I promise you, you can’t wipe that off with a foolish video in 1 day”, wrote Gwamba.

It is believed he is referring to a clip shared by a South African prophet who name-drops Bushiri, Kell Kay and Gwamba. Gwamba has since promised to take legal action against those connecting him and his family to Martse’s death.

“For the sake of the love and respect that I had for my brother, I chose to stay silent and not say much but I have a wife and kids who will one day grow and find all these stories. This is why I will make sure my name is cleared”.

Gwamba, whose sister Mary Bushiri is fighting extradition together to South Africa to face money laundering and fraud charges with her husband, Prophet Shepherd Bushiril, emphasised that his success is “a result of hardwork”.

Meanwhile, Kell Kay has also distanced himself from Martse’s death. Just like Gwamba, Kell Kay said his music career resulted from several years of hard working and claimed to have loved Martse at one point like a brother.

“No one deserves to work so hard in his career and make a name for himself and have this same name thrown in the mad in a day simply because someone recorded a video badmouthing me and yet he has zero evidence about what he’s saying”.

Martse was my best friend at a point in time, I loved him like a brother”.

Kell Kay has urged Martse’s family to leave things in God’s hand.

“To Martse’s family, please let us mourn Martse in peace, don’t look for someone to blame chonde, let God be God ngati alipo someone connected to his death God will expose them musalimbane ndi anthu osalakwa ayi (don’t pick on innocent people)” said Kell Kay on his Facebook post.


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