Kell Kay releases “Tabwela” music video


By Roy Kafoteka

Multi-award-winning R&B/Pop singer, Kell Kay has released visuals for his new music video, “Tabwela”.

Coming off as a single from his second album “Ndabwera Ndi Nkhani”, “Tabwela” serves as a piece teaser from what is to be expected from the new project, set to drop today ahead of its official album launch this coming Sunday at Lilongwe Golf Club.

Making announcement for the new release, the artist posted on his social media page Friday morning:

“Indeed I was born today apapa takula ndithu (I have grown indeed).

“I have seen the birthday messages, keep them coming but this is what I need from all of you. As my birthday present please copy these links below and share to all your friends.”

Speaking in an interview, Kell Kay said: “Ndabwela Ndi Nkhani is an album that is talking about my life, family issues, my friends’ issues and basically the things that we all humans go through on our daily basis, so am saying I have come with a story to tell, that’s what the album is all about.”

The album consists of 20 tracks and is set to include songs such as “Mukanabwera”, “One Day”, “Tender Love”, “Lobola” and “Tabwela”.