Organization to march for youth on Saturday


An organization named My Community, My Responsibility has organized a solidarity march from Lilongwe Community to the Parliament Building to present a petition to President Lazarus Chakwera, through Minister of Youth Richard Chimwendo Banda, to address the challenges that the youth are facing in the country.

The organization said this on Wednesday during a press briefing in Lilongwe.

Director of the organization Brian Khembo said that following the press briefing which they had last week on the launch of Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Initiative, the organization had several complaints from different youths who are facing several challenges in different communities.

Khembo added that there are a number of issues and challenges that young entrepreneurs in Malawi are facing in as far as business licenses and regulations is concerned.

He added that they have noted that most young entrepreneurs are being denied business licences because they have no name.

“My Community My Responsibility, is calling upon all the stakeholders in Malawi to make sure that the youth have equal access to business licenses and regulations.

“The organization has noted with great concern that the youth in the country are being treated unfairly from different sectors as their rights are being infringed.

“One notable example is the case of Kondwani Phiri who is being accused by the Reserve Bank of Malawi that his company Greenlight Portfolio was running illegally. The county’s financial regulator has taken the company to court.

“With regard to the way Kondwani Phiri is being treated, today’s press briefing is to explain on the way forward on how it wants to stand with the accused person since he is a fellow youth who should be supported as he is contributing to the economic development of the country,” Khembo explained.

He then said that on 30th May they will go to court and support him as way of showing that they are together with him and he should know that the youths of the country will learn something from the case.

He also asked private companies to have decent contracts with employees so that there should be detailed information about a person’s working conditions.

He then said that government should take a leading role in making sure that it guides the youth in decision making programmes and also make sure that all the programmes pertaining to the youth are well monitored and sustained.