The Blantyre debacle: Return of legend Mlaka leaves a lot to be desired


Veteran singer McDonald Mlaka Maliro had an event to forget in Blantyre on Saturday afternoon as a handful of patrons turned up for the happening.

The event which was staged at Blantyre Sports Club attracted roughly 25 people. This is despite the hype which sorrounded the singer’s homecoming.

According to one of the people who patronised the event, hip-hop artist Kalawe of the Dzuka Malawi fame, the event was poorly planned.

“I wish it was a fill up. He booked a big venue. Set a big stage. Hired over 50 Ichocho Security Guards. He priced it same prices as Morgan Heritage shows, 10 pin,” reads part of Kalawe’s comment.

Fashion designer cum musician Roy Banda has also weighed in his view. He believes the event flopped due to poor marketing.

“I think marketing and promotion were ignored. You cannot do business without marketing,” Said Banda

He has added that the legend was supposed involve musicians of the moment. He said: “It also includes roping in of current hot artists like Driemo, he was supposed to blend.”

The musician who is also a clergyman made noise when he returned to Malawi earlier this year, following his exit from Enlightened Christian Gathering, whose founder is Shepherd Bushiri.

Then he released a song entitled Vinyo Watha before taking to stage at Mibawa Hall in the commercial city. The patronage at his Mibawa show energised him further to organize shows nation wide.


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