Exploits gives Bushiri a PhD


Exploits University has awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

The award was given to Bushiri during a graduation ceremony at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe today.

Speaking after getting the PhD, Bushiri thanked the university for recognizing him.

“I believe that giving is a greatest pulpit. I don’t give because I have more, but it’s in me to always help, and it’s always encouraging when your works are being recognised by others. Thanks, Exploits University,” he said.

During the graduation, over five hundred students graduated with Diplomas, Degrees and Master’s Degree in programs such as Management Studies, Bachelor of Accountancy , Bachelor of Arts and Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology among others.

President of the institution, Desmond Bikoko, asked the graduates to keep dreaming and be determined in everything they are doing in order to achieve great things in life.

Bikoko added by encouraging the fresh graduates to be entrepreneurs that can create jobs for other people instead of waiting to be employed by the government.

“l am urging the students to create jobs on their own because by doing so they are going to employ alot of people. The students should join entrepreneurship because it promotes easy services delivery.

“As an academia and entrepreneur l know that the best way to improve our country’s economy is through entrepreneurship because it enables the government to collect more taxes,” he said.

On his part, Bushiri who was the guest of honor at the event encouraged the graduates to keep their network and maintain their value in life.

Bushiri went on to say that every successful person in the world has stories about failure but determination and eagerness to push for better things in life made them successful.



  1. scamming fake prophet Bushiri gets his third bogus doctorate from a useless university !

  2. Exploits University. That’s an ironic name given who they were awarding a Phd to.

    I wonder what the other studenrs thought who”d actually worked to gain their degrees rather than just buying one.

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