I never stopped Eli Njuchi signing with South African record label, says manager


While advising photographer Ken Banda against AKA’s advice to relocate to South Africa, Eli Njuchi’s manager Prince Chikweba has said he never stopped Eli Njuchi from signing an international record label as there was none.

In response to his follower on Twitter, Chikweba said if there was any deal people would have known about it.

“No it’s not true, if there was a deal, am very sure you would have known about it,” said Chikweba.

Eli Njuchi was linked with a move to South Africa last year following the noise he made on the music scene. The move was revealed when South African musician Mlindo the Vocalist performed in the country.

After the news about the move was all over, his manager refuted it. He said the South African who made the claims only did so in personal capacity as an admirer.

Prince raised the profile of the youthful musician which saw him signing a deal with telecommunications giant TNM. He is also considered to have made   Njuchi a household name.

Under his management, Eli has released two hot music collection, The Book of Z and The Book of Eli.