Immigration deports three South African nationals


Immigration officials at the Regional Immigration Office in Lilongwe have deported three South African nationals and have detained an Indian national for violating Malawi’s Immigration laws.

This is according to central region immigration public relations officer Inspector Pasqually Zulu who said the three deportees were nabbed earlier this month while the detainee was nabbed on Saturday, 12 February, 2022.

Inspector Zulu said these three deported South African nationals entered Malawi through Mchinji border post without undergoing health protocols and Immigration formalities.

On their way to the capital Lilongwe, the three were arrested at a check point which was mounted by Immigration officers after the officers realized that their passports were not stamped, while the Indian was arrested during permit compliance and enforcement excise.

The three deported South Africans have been identified as Casparus Jacobus Joubert, 27, Jan Gabriel Du Toit, 27, and Charl Du Toit, 24. The detained Indian national is identified as Smith Kumar Srivastava.

The three South African nationals have been deported through Mchinji Border post, while the Indian national is still in custody as investigations are still underway.

Since January 1st to date, the Regional Immigration Office in Lilongwe have managed to deport 15 illegal immigrants and other two are serving their sentences while 187 are still in custody pending deportation.