Chakwera takes a selfie at Sanjika


Malawi president, Lazarus Chakwera, who celebrated Morocco’s goals believing it was the Flames, has taken a selfie at Sanjika rocks.

The Malawi leader yesterday, which was John Chilembwe Day, attended Chilembwe Memorial Service of Worship at Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) in Chiradzulu.

At the PIM, he went to the Sanjika Rock where he sat down on the rock and posed for pictures.

“It is under this rock that Rev. John Chilembwe used to spend time studying and meditating,” State House Malawi Facebook page posted.

Some critics, however, expressed concern that Chakwera was using the event as a photo taking adventure.

“The president could have reserved that energy to remind his men that they are at a wrong place, a place to remember a selfless hero not a state plunderer. In other jurisdictions such occasions are used to uplift and renew the struggle spirit for the future not merely random photo taking wit nothing really to add to our daily struggle,” wrote Kanyasko Mandiwe on Facebook.

However, a commenter argued that the president had done nothing wrong considering that the rocks have a rich history in relation to Chilembwe.

“This is where Chilembwe would come and reflect on many things, the uprising inclusive. So, the president has a rendezvous with history,” the commenter said.