Amuna Misso blasts lazy people in new song


Rapper Amuna Misso of the Islamic swag fame has fired shots at lazy people in his latest song Mmanja mwanu.

The hip hop song which features Blista and WalyCris largely appreciates hardworking people while tackling real life situations faced by the Ghetto.

“Ma guy nonse Osaka dollar mmanja mwanu/ma chick nonse Osaka dollar mmanja mwanu/ma vendor nonse mmanja mwanu (many salutes to those who work hard to make ends meet)

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Amuna Misso said he was motivated by daily experiences to produce the song.

“Our society comprises different characters. We have go-getters, lazy people, and drunkards. These groups expose us to different experiences hence I got motivated to produce the song,” he said

The song has started making noise on media outlets, a few days after it was let out. At the moment, it is available on different international platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer and Boomplay.

It is also available on local music platforms.

Misso won people`s hearts in 2016 with Islamic swag. The song is rated as one of the most creatively done works of art in Malawi.