BLM buys Chilembwe a suit


Weird! Banja La Mtsogolo (BLM) has come under fire for giving anti-colonialist activist and freedom fighter John Chilembwe a suit and a tie.

Yesterday, 15 January, was John Chilembwe Day, the day people in the country remember the activist who led opposition against colonial rule in 1915.

Several companies and organisations joined the commemorations by creating posters. One such organisation was Banja La Mtsogolo which offers family planning services. The company released a poster in which Chilembwe’s photo was edited to depict the freedom fighter wearing a BLM jacket and a tie.

Malawians on social media have bashed the organisation over the poster

“We abuse pictures of this man. Now we are linking him to issues of vasectomy and the like,” said one social media user.

“This is very wrong,” said another.

However, some social media users have noted that the intention of BLM has been achieved since the poster has been shared widely on social media platforms.