FAM TD sparks debate with height remarks


Football Association of Malawi Technical Director Mariano Mario Marinica has sparked debate having said that some players in the national football team’s key positions are pint-sized.

In his preliminary report on Malawi football, the Romanian stresses that selection of national football team is done haphazardly, consequently ignoring some important factors like having tall players in goals and central defence.

Some Malawians concur with Marinica while others share the view that height does not have a bearing on positive results.

“I’m indebted to him, for saying the truth, it seems he is the ideal man for the job,” said Mochavie.

Kiko Chionela believes centre backs are supposed to be strong and tall. He commented: “Which is true, centre backs are supposed to be tall, strong. That is why we need football academies for east identification of good players when they are young.”

Howard Chapinda begs to differ as he argues that if Malawi managed to claim historic victories against heavyweights like Egypt with short players, height is not an excuse.

“We know that and we have beaten teams like Egypt and Algeria with our short players, not an excuse not to win,” reads Chapinda’s comment.

Andsen Banda claims that short people also play good football thus it is Marinica’s job to bring technical expertise to such players.

“Who told him that short people do not play good football, is it not his job to bring technical expertise to the short people so they can sharpen their skills and play good football? This TD is here on tourism purpose not to help our football,” said Banda.

The Romanian holds a pro UEFA license. He took over from John Kaputa following expiry of his contract in June. One of his uphill tasks is to help the Flames to perform well at the forthcoming African Cup of Nations.

Mariano worked as a technical analyst for Paraguay at the 2006 FIFA World Cup which was staged in Germany. He has also served as head coach for South African side Black Leopards, Zambia’s Forest Rangers and Tanzanian side Azam.