Fatsani movie to be released to general public this month


HD Plus Creations has announced that it will this month release Fatsani – A Tale of Survival movie to the general public this month.

This was disclosed yesterday on 1 December, 2021 at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) during the arrival of Hannah Sukali who played the role of Fatsani in the film.

Sukali last week travelled to Lagos in Nigeria where she was among nominees at African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), and she was nominated for best young promising actor.


Speaking to the press, producer of Fatsani movie Hastings Golosi said as planned they are releasing the film this month to the general public in a special way as a Christmas gift to Malawians.

“Now it’s time to release the film, our aim now is to make Fatsani Film into all the homes that’s our goal. We planned to release this December and here we are, we had to follow all the procedures first thing we needed to premiere then screen, then put it in festival. We were in Zambia and now our friends are coming from Nigeria. Now it’s time to put the film in people’s homes, so this December it’s a Christmas gift and I can assure all Malawians that the time they have been waiting to watch the movie has arrived and now any day the movie will be released and surely they will enjoy it,” said Golosi.

Speaking yesterday upon arrival at Kamuzu International Airport, Hannah Sukali said she is happy that she was nominated for the best young promising actor.

She noted that although she didn’t make it, it is a big achievement that through her nomination she had a chance to meet big and famous actors in the film industry and also her nomination has put Malawi on the map.

“I am very proud of myself for being nominated. It is a big achievement for me and I don’t take this for granted. In Lagos, I met my role models and also, I interacted with big and famous actors and I learnt something from such actors which will boost my acting skills. Of course, I didn’t make it but I am still proud of myself, this was my first time to be nominated and also it was my first time to be featured in a movie and I hope next time I will make it,” said Hannah.

In his remarks, HD Plus Executive Director Gift Sukali who accompanied Hannah in Nigeria said for a start, the nomination is a big achievement as a country and it has put Malawi on the map.

“This nomination will put us in a World where people will be like in Malawi there are films, and people do act. I feel like it’s an achievement, we cannot compare with someone who is on step 50 while we are on first step. But it’s up to us to pull our socks so that the next film we will do better,” said Sukali.

He added that in Nigeria they gained networks and connections since Nigeria is a major producer of movies.

“Being there, connecting with these people who have done films for the past 23 years, it’s a kind of achievement, because we are able to tap knowledge from them but also, we have been talking. We talked on how best can we work together in the future so yes we have gained a lot from this,” said Sukali.

Fatsani was nominated for the best young promising actor at Africa Movie Academy Awards in Lagos Nigeria and Zimbabwean Wilmali Munemera won the award.

Fatsani-a tale of survival was premiered earlier this year in Lilongwe at BICC.