Magistrate Court replaces MUST on 2000 Malawi Kwacha banknote


Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) has replaced the image of the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) at the back of the K2000 banknote with an image of Blantyre Magistrate Court to represent the fight against corruption.

RBM Governor Dr Wilson Banda made the announcement yesterday when he also announced the new K5000 banknote.

He added that the upgrading of the K2000 note has been done to make the banknote more secure by including modern security features. The exercise is expected to cost Malawi K1.4 billion.

The back of the upgraded K2000 note

Malawians have since faulted the reasoning behind the change of image, saying corruption is fought using action and not symbols.

“The legislative, executive and judiciary are all married to corruption. The ant corruption bureau was formed to end corruption but nothing tangible, which means ACB is a failure, how can a banknote which doesn’t have life or brain, work on behalf of people? If ACB officials obtains cash through corrupt means and the Cash is in 5000 back notes, will this change anything?” said one social media.

While social commentator Thandie Wa Pulimuheya said:  ‘’Symbolise? we need action against corruption osati symbols.’’


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  1. It’s just a way to steal money from government..
    We are already in trying times..I’m saying stop this this another yrs let fight this covid-19 and boost our economy

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