Police hunt for arson suspects in Thyolo

Police in Thyolo have launched a manhunt for people suspected to have set ablaze four houses belonging to 33-year-old Emily Samson over land issues.

The three suspects have been identified as Ganizani Buleya, Smoke Malombe and Tonnex Willard and others

Thyolo police public relations officer sergeant Rabecca Kashoti has confirmed and said the incident happened on October 23, 2021 at Chibwana Village in Traditional Authority Nchiramwera in Thyolo District.

“It is reported that the victim ( Emily Samson) and her parents were staying on land belonging to her father’s clan where they built their houses on it, but this did not please her father’s relatives which resulted into a quarrel. The fights started in 2001,” said Kashoti.

The matter was later reported to Village Headman Chibwana who ruled in favour of the suspects.

According to Kashoti, on October 21 2021, a fight broke and the issue was reported to Thyolo Police Station where the matter was solved peacefully.

“But during the night of October 23 2021, the three suspects mobilised themselves and went to the victim’s house where they set fire to four houses containing various property which included three bicycles and undisclosed amount of money and clothes,” said Kashoti.

The matter was reported to Thyolo Police Station where a team of police officers rushed to scene and managed to save 12 bags of maize, three goats, two pigs and 18 iron sheets.

Meanwhile, police said that if arrested, the suspects will answer charges of arson.

Both the suspects and the victim hail from Chibwana Village in the area of Senior Chief Nchilamwera in Thyolo District.