You hate me because you are poor – Liabunya


Prophet Austin Liabunya has claimed that Malawians hate him because they are poor.

Writing on his Facebook Page, Liabunya said he has found the reason why negative comments on his page come from Malawi.

According to Liabunya, a study which he found on the internet shows that Malawians have the lowest IQ in the world. He linked this low IQ to poverty in Malawi.

“Only poor people have the time to throw stones at you while rich people are busy using them to build an empire! Watch me!,” he said.

In another post, Liabunya who is from Malawi but is based in South Africa shared Matthew 13:53–58 which says: “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.’ And he did not do many mighty works there, because of their unbelief.”

According to Liabunya, using the verse he had learned the wisdom of working without including those that fail to believe in and support his assignments.

He said people he has excluded include ministers, friends and family.

“They only breed unbelief and hinder your ability to do mighty works for God! If you’re still investing energy and focus on those that WON’T receive you, you will surely miss the ones that God has sent that WILL receive you and your work. Stop expecting what even Jesus Himself could not get…acceptance among them that THINK they know you. Stop lusting after the crowd and look around to discern the ones to whom you have been sent! That’s the key to finishing your work,” he wrote.

Malawians have since attacked Liabunya over the first post, saying e is getting out of control and he posts nonsense.

Last week, Liabunya also came under fire after he posted a picture of his shoe and urged people to touch it claiming they would receive a miracle.




  1. Malawias the ar not banana people,like south africas they belive in one god not your miracle 👹👹👹👹👹

  2. Which IQ is he talking about ? Which Malawians , why not just say you have the least IQ?

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