Chidale wins Lilongwe closed golf championship


Malawian professional golfer Paul Chidale has won Seed-co Lilongwe closed golf championship.

The tournament took place at Lilongwe golf club starting from 17 up to 19 September 2021 and it was organized by Seed-Co Malawi Limited.

Chidale won the tournament with 144, two round gross and he received a cheque of 250,000 Kwacha as a first prize of the tournament.

Speaking after the tournament Chidale, said he was very happy after winning the tournament and that he wasn’t surprised because he knew that he is going to win.

“I am very happy that I have won this tournament, to me the tournament was not that tough because I already knew that I am going to win this tournament. I had so much confidence that helped me to perform very well. This tournament was also part of my training as l am traveling to Kenya this week to participate in another tournament which is very big than this one,” said Chidale.

In his remarks, Seed-co Malawi Limited Commercial Director Gift Kawamba said they organised the tournament to interact with stakeholders, customers as well as farmers.


“As per our calendar most of the times just before rainy season we organise these tournaments, the main reason is just for us to interact with stakeholders, our customers, our farmers and people that we deal with in the course of business. The reason is for us to give them ideas as of what to expect from us as a company when we get to rainy season, so that’s the main reason we organised this tournament.”


Kawamba added: “The biggest expectation is that we have a lot of adjustment, a lot of areas especially with our stakeholders, because there are so many things that are happening as far as agriculture sector is concerned, so the idea is that we speak to our stakeholders and most of the time we invite several people that we are targeting so that we have a chat with them, we give them idea on how we are prepared for the season and what they should expect from us and at the end of the day we expect to have a good year as far as selling is concerned and as far as seed business is concerned,” said Kawamba.

Seed-Co Malawi Limited organises golf tournaments as one way of supporting the growth of golf in the country and also another way of thanking their customers as well as farmers.