We worship Gwamba – Kell Kay


Singer Kell Kay and other renowned figures in music circles have admitted that they are bootlickers of gospel hip hop star Gwamba.

This follows claims which were made by budding rapper K Banton on social media recently. The Blantyre based artist said there are four formidable forces in urban music circles who worship Gwamba.

His claims forced the audience to conclude that Kell Kay, BFB, Henwood, and Charisma are the bootlickers of the Better hit maker owing to their closeness.

K Banton (L) and Gwamba

In his recent social media posts, Kell Kay has labelled himself as a Gwamba worshiper in a not so direct way.

Charisma has also admitted being one of the musicians who look up to the self-acclaimed vernacular hip hop landlord.

On the contrary, K Banton’s claims are not music to the ears of BFB and Gwamba.

In reaction, the former has echoed the words of designer and musician Roy View who has attacked the young rapper for attacking other musicians in return for Facebook likes.

After being stoned by a mammoth crowd comprising of Gwamba’s fans and admirers, Banton said he made the post in question in the context of jokes hence people should swallow their anger.