SOS! Mubas students risk missing exams due to fees


Over 50 students at the Malawi University of Science and Technology (Mubas), formerly The Polytechnic, have been told by authorities at the institution that they are not eligible to sit for this semester’s examinations due to fees balance.

Speaking to this publication, Menson Magwaya, a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology student, said he has been told by  authorities at the institution that he cannot sit for the exams  because of  the fees balance that has amounted to K150,000.

“I have been told that I have a fees balance of K150,000 and that am not eligible to sit for this semester’s examinations to begin on Monday until I clear the balance. Failure to do so, I will not sit for end of year examinations,” he said.

Menson added that he has failed to register as the institution’s student all this time because his mother who supports him cannot raise the for the school fees and other school necessities at once.

“I lost my father last year hence my mother alone cannot reach the maximum of helping me for she has no stiff income sources. I have no other relative to my academic needs. I feel lost and stranded due to this situation,” said Menson.

Alongside Menson, is Dickson Phiri, a second-year student studying Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies who also came out asking support from well-wishers to square off his K112,000 tuition fee balance. According to Dickson, his parents cannot be able to settle the balance.

“My parents are incapable of the standards of paying me the tuition fee. So, I am seeking help from those whom can manage to help me,” said Dickson.

Like Menson, if the situation remains the same, Dickson will not be able to sit for his examinations starting from next week.

The two have called on government, organizations and well-wishers to help them with the fees balances so as they write the examinations.