Chakwera’s SADC role has implications for Malawi – says Prophet Liabunya

...Donors will now impose mandatory Covid vaccination


…Only God can end Covid-19

Man of God openly basks in ignorance as he preaches his anti-covid-19 vaccine, saying Malawians will not be forced to have a mandatory vaccination because President Lazarus Chakwera is now chairperson of SADC.

Self-proclaimed prophet charged that Malawi’s SADC chairmanship is not something to celebrate about as it has a costly attachment that include mandatory vaccination.

Writing on his Facebook page, Liabunya said Malawians are the price that will be paid in exchange for Chakwera’s role.

“Malawians, the SADC chairmanship is coming at a price, do you know that the price is? ‘you’ ”

According to the evangelist, Malawians will pay the price in form of mandatory vaccination. He added that other countries are threatening Malawi with donations.

“But the president himself is a God-fearing man. But they’re threatening his nation on donations and friendships.”

The prophet believes prayer is a solution to Covid-19 pandemic. As such, he is praying and fasting in the quest to end the pandemic.

Chakwera took over the SADC chairmanship from Mozambique’s Felipe Nyusi earlier this week at the 41st SADC summit which Malawi hosted. He also led the country in the vaccination process.

Some people have said Liabunya is contradicting himself, since he claims that Chakwera is a God-fearing person and the very same president got the Covid-19 vaccine which the prophet considers evil.

Commenting on Liabunya’s post several people bashed the prophet over his ignorance.

“Stupidity must not be anywhere near God. People are dying, vaccines are helping to protect such and you come out here with whatever you call it trying to blackmail people? Go cheat people of your kind,” reads Joshua Mwale’s comment.

“So, you don’t know SADC    leadership is rotational, and whether vaccines or no vaccines, chairmanship would be in Malawi. God is big he can’t be thinking about Malawi and SADC.” said Lex Phiri.

Flodreck Kanyumbe also commented, “I don’t see anything wrong with vaccine, prophet can you link between the chairmanship and vaccine? This is not the first time to have a vaccine, at birth we are all vaccinated what’s wrong with this vaccine? Let’s not be the first people to mislead people.”


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  1. I totally agree with the two gentlemen. I remember being told by my parents that I was vaccinated for polio and measles when I was young. And I had to take yellow fever vaccine in 1991 because it was mandatory for anyone travelling to another country to be vaccinated and we were given the yellow book as proof of vaccination. Why is it becoming a big deal with covid-19 vaccine? What imperatives are there between being the SADC chairman and vaccination? Please don’t lead people astray.

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