Phoka sing’anga discovers miracle charm against abortion


Whilst dust refuses to settle on the issue of abortion legalisation in Malawi, a traditional doctor at Phoka in Rumphi claims to have discovered a miracle charm that fights against any form of terminating pregnancy.

In an interview, Dr. Fumbani Nyirenda, renowned traditional healer in Phoka, Rumphi, stressed that the charm has been tried, tested and certified to be ten times more effective than anything a woman can use in pursuit of flushing out a zygote from her womb.

“It’s any part of Blackjack. The same flowering plant you know. You just take any part of it, immense it in water and once the lady who’s pregnant drinks that water, it’s done. That pregnancy won’t be aborted,” said Nyirenda, a seasoned doctor with over 30 years in practice.

He added: “Well, this charm can be used by women who often suffer from early miscarriage. It would help them keep the pregnancy. It’s not as evil as you may want to portray it.”

Nyirenda, who runs a traditional clinic at his home, right there in Phoka, disclosed, also, that there are equally many herbs a woman can use in pursuit of safe abortion.

“Now, on the contrary, we know herbs that can aid women in carrying out safe abortion. We’re experts in these things. However, due to fears of contravening the laws, which currently criminalizes abortion, we don’t offer such services at this traditional clinic,” he said.

During our visit to the place on Wednesday, we established that the traditional healer hosts throngs of people drawn from all corners of the country who seek for medical help.

Asked to comment on the controversy surrounding the pregnancy termination proposals in relation to his discovery of the anti-abortion charm, Nyirenda said he sides with both the proposers and the opposes.

“It’s a contentious issue. Let me say, I love the debate, and all the arguments presented therein. They are all making sense. Those who say we need enabling laws owing to alarming statistics of women who die for using unsafe ways of abortion are right; those who say abortion is wrong are equally right,” he said.

Adding: “to me, much as it is wrong to advocate for abortion, it is right to do so, on the other hand.”

Malawi has been in a heated debate on the issue for a notable period, and currently, the bill has, temporarily, been withdrawn from the August house.