Maskal drops visuals for ‘Samadziwa’


US based Malawian RnB singer and songwriter Maskal has returned to the music circles with a superb video of his newly released hit song, ‘Samadziwa’.

Maskal, born Masiye Kalso Kasaru is showing why he is made of legendary stuff as he gives his all in the new visuals for ‘Samadziwa’ whose audio got released weeks ago closing a five-year hiatus that saw him off the music scene.

The masterclass video has been shot both in Malawi and the US a thing which the ‘Udalire’ star said it proves that the thousands miles distance, can never block his creativity which has been displayed in the visuals.

In Malawi, the video has been directed by Sukez of HD Plus Creations while the renowned videographer Chipiliro Khonje Co-Directed it in the US whereas the audio was done by Black Falcon Bird (BFB).

The video starts off with a beautiful lady walking the side street and red BMW stops by in what turns out to be the start of a fruitful relationship and Maskal sings his heart out telling her that people do not know how much love he has for her.

He goes on to sing that people do not know how far they have come and are willing to go hence the ‘Samadziwa’ title which translates to ‘They do not know’.

The award winning R&B star is also seen and heard in the video saying naysayers and those who wish them to fall, try everything to separate the lovebirds but he convinces the beautiful lady that those people do not know his plans and that they will never know.

What is captivating in the video is how the two directors, Sukez and Khonje synchronise the visuals from Malawi and US to give it a seamless feel.

Despite not being in the limelight for five years, Maskal has shown he still has the magic touch only more mature.

Recently he has been featured on Gwamba’s project ‘Get there’ and BarryOne’s ‘Miyala’

Maskal said people should expect to see more of his work because his break made him feel refreshed disclosing, he has more material but was looking for the right time.

Watch Maskal ‘Samadziwa’