MultiChoice Malawi provides community entrepreneurship opportunity

MultiChoice Malawi has introduced a kiosk water project called Sankha Wekha as a way to increase customer convenience by creating key service touch points in accessible areas across the country, whilst providing Malawians with the opportunity to own and run the kiosks.

The Sankha Wekha Kiosks are located in Blantyre City at Pa Khama, Ndirande by behind old Peoples shop, and Chemusa, in Lilongwe City in Area 25 Pamathanki, Area 25 Nsungwi and Area 36 Kaphiri, and in Mzuzu City along M1 road and Mzuzu market with more Kiosks to be introduced country wide.

MultiChoice Malawi Managing Director Gus Banda said that the initiative not only provides convenience and more choice to their customers but it also speaks to their continued efforts to enrich the lives of Malawians through job creation.

Banda added that the initiative is specifically for Malawi and each country has a different way of selling hence through same Sankha Wekha   Means more choices.

MultiChoice Malawi currently has over 152 agents and 58 accredited installers’ across the country.

One of the Kiosk owner, George Manda, located in Area 23 in Lilongwe commended for the timely project.

He thanked MultiChoice for introducing Sankha Wekha Kiosk initiative saying it has assisted him to put food on the table.

“I was jobless for a while but now I am able to provide daily necessities for myself and my family,” he explained.

He also disclosed that he has also been imparted with entrepreneurial skills which has prompted him to able to set up his own business through the Sankha Wekha Kiosks.

The Sankha Wekha Kiosks offer numerous services, namely; repairing and swapping of faulty decoders that are within warranty, payment of subscriptions, upgrade and down grade of bouquets, selling of boxes, as well as trouble shooting.