Malawians ask Gaming Board to review National Bank’s Village Bank competition


Malawians have asked the Gaming Board to review the criteria used for the same Village Bank to win twice in the same competition as people suspect foul play.

The grouping called Amazing Grace, was one of the monthly draw winners in the promotion alongside Tingathe Women’s Group.

Amazing Grace also walked away with K3 million which was the grand price for the promotion.

The win has raised questions over the promotion, and some social media users, commenting on the bank’s Facebook page, urged the Malawi Gaming Board to investigate.

“Village bank yeniyeni yakumudzi siikhala ndi dzina lachizungu. Iwowo mpaka kuwina kawili ndima village bank Angati omwe analowa (A village bank does not have an English name. How come this village bank won twice, how many groups participated in the competition?),” said Gift Kalumo.

“How come same group kuwina twice? Makes it look suspicious,” said Marian Mphande.

Responding to Mphande’s concerns about the group’s double win, National Bank said all village banks that held at least K300,000.00 in their account in the promotion period qualified for the grand draw regardless of the results in the monthly draws.

“In this case, Amazing Grace Village bank qualified and won the grand prize,” the bank said.

Some commenters on the page claimed that Amazing Grace was created by employees at the bank.

The bank, however, said the winning groups do not have staff as signatories and the draws for the competition were conducted under the observation of the National Lotteries Board.

Under the promotion, National Bank has given out a total of K7 million in prizes. Groups which participated are those that opened and maintained a minimum of K300 000 between May and July 28 2021.