30 people arrested in Dedza for contravening Covid-19 regulations


Police in Dedza have arrested 30 people including a barman at Chimbiya trading centre for being found in a bar at around 2AM.

The barman has been identified as Yusuf Sydney of Jikisoni Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kaphuka in Dedza

Dedza police deputy Publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda said all the 30 suspects were arrested at Mchenga bar at Chimbiya trading centre as they were found at the drinking joint beyond the recommended time of 22:00 hours which government through Ministry of Health set aside as one of the measures of suppressing the further spread of Covid-19.

The suspects were found loitering in the pub without observing social distance and against recommended capacity which is to 50% of capacity.

Over the past weeks, Police in Dedza have also intercepted 26 returnees who were coming from South Africa using unchartered routes.

The returnees were handed over to the Director of Health Service where 11 out of the 26 tested positive for Covid-19.

When inspecting on how Dedza District Council is doing to suppress the spread of Covid-19 last week, the Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo who is also member of Presidential Task Force, said he was impressed with the way Dedza Police is enforcing the Covid-19 regulations.

Mvalo hinted that the low Covid-19 cases in the district can be as a result of police’ effort in enforcing Covid-19 regulations.