77 Ethiopians arrested for illegal entry


Police in Chitipa have arrested 77 Ethiopians for entering Malawi illegally.

According to police, on Thursday night they received information from well-wishers that a truck carrying illegal Immigrants had left Chitipa for Mzuzu via Nthalire.

Immediately, a team of Four Police Officers was arranged for a follow up led by Supt. Patrick Kapanga, OC Nthalire. The officers then got a confirmation that a strange truck had passed by Nthalire Trading Centre heading to Nyika National Park Kaperekezi Gate.

Police officers followed the Scania Truck Thirty Tonner until they intercepted it. After questioning, the driver revealed that he had thirty Illegal immigrants from Ethiopia.

The driver was ordered to follow the officers with the vehicle to Nthalire Police Unit. When they arrived at Gamba Village, he slowed down the vehicle and jumped into the nearby bush.

Inspector Chikoza of Nthalire Police Unit drove the said truck up to the office. After offloading they discovered that they were Seventy-Seven Ethiopians and over One Hundred bags of Rice Bran.

The Ethiopians are in custody and the Scania Truck has been detained at the office. Efforts are underway to rearrests the driver.


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  1. Be very careful maybe thy are going for war in Mozambique . Never trust them how come thy are only man ?

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