Namadingo breaks the internet with Sakaka


‘Zambian’ male vocalist Patience Namadingo has taken the internet by storm with his latest single entitled Sakaka.

The song which dropped into the public space the previous night, has become one of the late winter anthems, given the volume of traffick it is attracting.

Both video and audio for the song are enjoying streams on internet platforms. In less than a day, the video has managed to amass close to 90 000 views.

The video has won hearts of people, thanks to the way in which it has been crafted. It has mouthwatering outdoor and indoor scenes.

Malawi’s award winning hip-hop artist Tay Grin cameos in the video, one of the factors that is believed to have made the video catchy.

The song advises people not to force love. It has attracted a mixed reaction from the audience.

“Great song for 2021 Doc. Much respect,” commented Dala Chimombo

Others argue that Namadingo is yet to release a good song after his 2020 Mapulani hit. Inno Nkhata said, “All songs released after the Mapulani hit are trash. Looking forward to listening to his next songs.”



  1. He’s one and only malawi have to pride of…. Much love from 🇯🇲…. We love your songs here 💘

  2. Zambian male artist???…this is being reported by a Malawian news website.The lack of patriotism we have is astounding…when you write news articles keep in mind that this is the face of Malawi you portray…its what others see first and will judge and treat you by.

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