Nyau Liar off to Zambia

Tay Grin who thanked God over a lie that he had a billboard at Times Square, the stunt which has earned him the Nyau Liar nickname is in Zambia, following Namadingo.

Grin has revealed that he is in Lusaka where he is expected to meet Namadingo, two days after the singer announced his permanent switch to the neighbouring country.

“Touch down Lusaka. Here to meet the Doc,” reads his post.

Namadingo said he is hated by most Malawians thus changing his base permanently. Tay is also believed to be in the hunt for a permanent base in Zambia because most Malawians have fired shots at him for lying about having his Billboard at Times Square in New York, USA.

A few days ago, the two were spotted together in a studio. Their respective followers concluded that a music collaboration is in the offing.

Some people share the view that events surrounding the two are nothing but attention seeking tactics.

They believe the aforementioned artists want to amass more fans in Zambia.

“Mere publicity stunts. They want to win Zambians’ hearts. Zambians please don’t be fooled, these are and will remain loyal to Malawi,” said McDonald Mdewa