Namadingo moving to Zambia: ‘Most Malawians hate me’


Musician Patience Namadingo has said he is permanently moving to Zambia because he is not loved by most Malawians.

Writing on his Facebook page, Namadingo has said that most Malawians hate him thus his decision to switch to the neighboring country on permanent basis.

“Imagine being very hated by most of your people. And being very loved by God. What success can do in a jealousy infested place. Joseph became prime minister of Egypt, not of his country. Time to go permanently to Zambia. The negative energy is too much, it can kill a career if not careful. Tidzaonana (we shall meet). Is it a crime to be number in your home country?” reads his post

Reports indicate that the vocalist has opted for the neighbouring country because Malawians have voted for Onesimus as the most creative artist in the country. According to Namadingo, he is the best musician in the country.

Recently, he claimed to be better than multi-award-winning artist Tay Grin. This did not go well with followers of urban music as they blamed him for being pompous.

In response to his post about switching to Zambia permanently, some Malawians have said the singer has exhibited his sense of immaturity.

“Grow up Doc. If you expected people to stand on the podium and be praising you, then you missed it. Who told you that in Zambia everyone will embrace you and praise you?” Said Lissah Cassie Richards

Some people believe the singer has lost his direction after parting ways with his manager Peter Mazunda. A few days after losing the management deal, Namadingo attacked slim women saying he considers them brothers.


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  1. a Mandingo.Kwanu ndi kwanu. Ndipo phunzirani kudzichepetsa. onse anthu ngosiyana. Zanu nyombo ndi zosiyana ndi za Tay Grin. Ndipo alipo okonda zanu nyimbo ndipo alipo okanda za Tay. ena anthu sangakukjondeni koma ena akukondani kwambiri! ndiye dziko limonero bamboo. yendani bwino ku Zambia ko komatru muthengo mudalaka njoka. Tsono ukasanzira mkhonde zikunyansa iwe wemwe potuluka.. Tayesetsani kukula pang’ono dziko ndi lowawa iri! success isakuloweni mutu mumbwinda nadzo!

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