Bushiri donates K10 million to school feeding programme: Malawians salutes his spirit


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has made another robust contribution to the education sector in the country by donating K10 million to a project aimed at providing free meals to primary school pupils in rural areas to fight malnutrition and increase enrollment.

Bushiri—who months ago handed over a Secondary School he built in Rumphi District—made the announcement on Friday night during the launch of Kids Kitchen on the Wheels project, implemented by an organisation called Savers From The Heart.

Bushiri (C) during the launch

The ECG leader said his contribution doesn’t mean he has money but because he has passion for education of the children in country. Bushiri also has over 200 learners on his bursary in different secondary schools and colleges in the country.

Savers From The Heart executive director Eve Chirambo hailed Bushiri’s donation, saying it will go a long way to help implement their K43 million project of providing meals to school going primary school learners in the rural areas.

Several other organisations and individuals took part in the fundraising. Among others, it included banks such as National Bank, MyBucks, FDH Bank and Standard Bank.

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe Nsinja South Hon Francis Belekanyama also attended the event, committing to support communities with construction of boreholes. He also made towering remarks of gratitude to Prophet Bushiri.

According to Chirambo, they intend to raise the K43 million so that they can be able to implement the project across the country.


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  1. Bushiro makes sure he gets all the plaudits while using other peoples money to fund these showy acts of charity.

    He uses a small percentage of the money his gullible followers donate to him for these blatant public relations excecises. The rest of the money he keeps for himself.

    There is nothing generous or charitable or admirable in Bushiris actions. They are very transparent.

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