I don’t love my baby mama – Martse

...ndiwe tsete, fans react


Malawians have reacted with fury over remarks by hip-hop artist Martse over his “I love my daughter but I don’t love my baby mama” Facebook post.

The rapper made the controversial post two days ago, much to the disappointment of his followers. This, prompted him to delete the post.

In the post, the Mwano star made it clear that there is not any bond between him and his daughter’s mother.

In reaction, Facebook users tore apart the award-winning hip-hop artist.

“This is stupidity at its best. How can he say such things about a woman who carried his daughter in her womb for 9 months?” Said Grace Khoviwa.

A public figure who opted for anonymity also faulted the hip hop star.

She said: “The lady didn’t ask for his love, he should have respect for the mother.”

However, others have defended the controversial rapper.  They believe it is possible to have a child with someone you are not in love with.

“He is right, it is possible to sleep with someone just to get rid of the sexual feelings. So, because there is a child, it doesn’t mean he should force himself to love her,” commented Gasten Kamanga.

Last year, Martse revealed that his child’s mother barred him from seeing his daughter because he does not support her. The lady went on to label the musician as a sperm donor.