Concerned parents set for anti-govt demos in Mzimba


Some concerned parents in Mzimba are planning to hold protests over government’s delay to address teachers’ grievances.

Confirming the development, Chikondi Chirwa, coordinator for the looming demos, highlighted that the prolonged school break is a violation to children’s right to education.

Government, according to Chirwa, needed to act swiftly on the issues surrounding teachers’ industrial action before learners lose interest in school.

“Girls, especially those at an adolescent stage, easily lose interest in school because they have many things to think of. Government must think about this,” fumed Chirwa.

“Children have been off schools for a very long period of time. This strike is worsening things. Why can’t they solve this simple issue amicably? This is very unfair.”

According to Chirwa, plans are underway for the holding of massive demonstrations.

“We’re following all procedures. Our plans are that after the demos, we should hold vigils at Mzimba district council offices till schools resume,” he said.

Teachers in the country have been staying away from their duties to pressurize government to give them risk allowances.

It is unbecoming of government, according to teachers, to keep on mistreating them.

“We’ve been their toilet for some time now. They don’t take us seriously. It’s time we send strong messages to them that we’re equally civil servants,” said Solomon Manda, teacher at Chupu primary school in Mzimba.

In a related development, other teachers have surfaced the issue of professional allowance which is enshrined in the teaching service act but government has not been giving the teachers the money.

“We need that money. After risk allowances. We’d demand that. Others are getting it. Why not us? Enough is enough,” ranted another teacher in an audio in circulation.


Meanwhile, there is no hope for the resumption of classes any sooner.