Malawians suspect foul play over minister’s stolen vehicle


Questions have been raised over Civic Education Minister Timothy Mtambo’s claims that his car was hijacked in Lilongwe and driven to Mzimba.

Mtambo through his Citizens for Transformation spokesperson Negracious Justin said the car was hijacked at Dae Yang Luke Hospital in Lilongwe on Wednesday night and driven to Mzimba – about 300 kilometre distance –  with Mtambo’s driver bundled in the boot of the car.

Justin added that the vehicle hit a pothole in Rumphi and swerved into a maize field. The accident attracted villagers and that is when the hijackers fled.

But Malawians on social media suspect foul play over the incident. Commenting on social media, Malawians wondered how the hijackers passed through several roadblocks along the M1 road without Police officers noticing anything amiss.

There are also questions as to whether Mtambo reported the incident to police considering that the driver was sent to buy drugs at the hospital, an errand that would not have taken the driver more than hour.

“Why do we have road blocks on these roads? From Lilongwe to Rumphi a stolen could not be stopped and the occupants arrested its beyond imagination. All these road blocks along the way needs to explain how a stolen car managed to get through that far,” said Richards Nantchengwa said on Malawi24 post

Michael Mmangisa said: “This story doesn’t seem to wash. So robbers drove a hijacked vehicle on the M1 from BT? Then they decided to carefully tack the car on the roadside after being involved in an accident? The minister was comfortably sitting in his house waiting for the driver to come from Dae Yang when the car was being driven this long and didn’t sense that something was wrong worth reporting?”

“These Guys are acting now- planning the move themselves and blaming kidnappers,” said Facebook user Madvillain Mad-villain.

The incident happened days after thieves broke into the offices of the Vice President at City Centre in Lilongwe.

Meanwhile, Malawi Police have launched investigations into the incident.