Malawian gospel artists claim ‘there is no God’


End times indeed! Malawian gospel musicians have sent the audience into shock having claimed that God only exists on paper.

In their latest artistic delivery, Suffix, Masomphenya and Samuel, have propagated the shocking message. The work is titled Mulungu Kulibe which means God does not exist.

“Mesa munadiwa kuti mzaiphule?/zaka folo ndili mkhristu ndungotuwa ngati gule/Munandikhola mnasintha/makolo anga anasiyana/makolo anga anasiyana (Didn’t you die so that things can be well for me/it’s been four years since I started following you but my situation remains pathetic),” sounds part of Suffix verse.

Artwork for the song

The message has made the musicians in question subjects of criticism. Part of the audience believe the said musicians only masquerade as servants of God in artistic circles.

Facebook user Bobby Ray Banda commented, “Suffix has never been a gospel artist.”

The Mkazi wakumwamba hitmaker has also been slammed for questioning God in some of his songs, in the name of speaking for others.

“The point is, as a believer you don’t question God. But it seems Suffix has a tendency of questioning God in the name of speaking on behalf of others, that’s not good,” commented Bereu Mizimbe

Kulibe Mulungu is a new tune in town by Masomphenya. Suffix and Samuel have only been featured



  1. Mmmm listen to the song again. Criticisms are welcome anywhere koma let’s know exactly what we are criticizing. Why didn’t you post all the song lyrics?

  2. The problem is we all were programmed never to ask questions about god.

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