Bushiri: Doctors treat, God heals


The Bushiri paradox: Fugitive prophet Shepherd Bushiri who claims to have healed the terminally-ill with miracles including people on life support and others living with HIV  has revealed that he has been sending his 8-year old daughter for medical attention in Kenya.

The child, Israella, whose father claimed to have healed another young child who had never walked since birth is currently admitted to a medical facility in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Bushiri made the revelations about his daughter’s health this week when members of his family were barred from leaving the country for treatment in Kenya.

Major 1, as he is commonly known, said his daughter has a “critical” “medical condition” and is currently admitted to a facility in Lilongwe because the police stopped her from boarding an air ambulance en route to Kenya.

“The child has been flying there[Kenya] several times and I am shocked with this isolated blocking” said Bushiri on Monday in a statement issued by his spokesperson, Ephraim Nyondo.

Bushiri said his daughter is now admitted at a health facility in Lilongwe that referred her to seek further treatment in the Eastern African country where the Prophet says she has been going to on several occasion in the past for treatment on her medical condition.

“The daughter[Israella], 8, was duly referred by competent Malawi medical professionals to seek further medical treatment and all required immigration details were in place to facilitate her travel through a chartered air ambulance.

“Up to date, my office hasn’t been supplied with any information as to why the child was denied the right to lawfully access medical attention after being duly referred by a competent medical practitioner”.

Major 1 says his daughter’s situation remains critical. He further revealed that she has been flying out on several occasions for treatment.

“The child’s condition remains critical at the same medical facility which referred her to seek further medical attention in Kenya.

“It must be underlined that this was not the first time for the child, due to her medical condition, to be referred to Kenya for medical attention. The child has been flying there several times” said Bushiri through his spokesperson.

It is further revealed in in the statement that Bushiri who claims to have healed several terminally ill people “believes that doctors treat; but it is God who heals”.

The reason why the daughter was stopped have not been made public. But it was revealed that a warrant of arrest was issued for Major 1 and his wife, Mary Bushiri. But they escaped an arrest on Sunday after obtaining a timely injunction that stops the Malawi police from effecting an arrest on him or his wife on all matters.

The couple is fighting extradition to South Africa to answer fraud and money laundering charges. Hearing on their extradition is slated to begin on 5th March, 2021.